Gentlemen’s Black Diamond Facial Time 60 to 90 minutes

For that handsome man! This facial combines deep pore cleansers, exfoliation, and masks strong enough for a man, mixed with male-strength serums and moisturizers to leave your skin purged of impurities and looking youthful. Hot steam towels, extractions and a relaxing arm,

neck and shoulder massage are included in this treatment.

Time: 60 minute $65.00

Time: 90 minute $ 95.00

Lip Treatments For Male Clients

Men can benefit from lip treatments too, particularly where the lips have thinned or lost color. Your artist should use slightly different techniques and color

blending skills to ensure a very natural, masculine result. It is a treatment

that only an experienced esthetician should perform.

Time: 20 minutes $25.00

Lip Refinement For Women

Whether you simply want to add a youthful flush of color to faded lips, improve the definition of your lip line, or even have a fully redefined lip contour, it is all achievable with exfoliating and polishing your lips. Restore the shape and natural color of your lips
Get the pout you have always wanted – without the need for fillers.

Correct asymmetrical lip lines for a more proportionate shaped mouth.

Repair uneven areas of color due to cold sores and scarring.

Time: 20 minutes $25.00

24K GOLD Collagen Eye Treatment Masks

Fine lines are plumped, skin is tightened, elasticity is improved and moisture is restored with a pure 24K Gold Collagen Mask. A specialty eye mask of select active ingredients fills out fine lines, brightens dark circles and reduces puffiness for a well-rested look. Recommended for both Men and Women

Time: 20 minutes $25.00

Benefits of a Galvanic Facial Treatment

 One beneficial treatment to consider having is a galvanic facial. The handheld device, about the size of an electric razor, pushes a low voltage DC current into the skin via a conductive treatment gel that is applied beforehand. Treatments are painless and usually take about 10-20 minutes. The theory behind the galvanic method is that the skin has “electrical channels that can be modified” and enhanced. One of the primary benefits of a galvanic facial is the improved oxygenation and circulation in the treated area. The galvanic charge increases the efficacy of the products used during the treatment and brings an elevated level of nourishment to the skin. Galvanic facials deeply cleanse skin of impurities that can cause a dull and lifeless appearance. This process happens when negatively charged ions draw and encapsulate toxins, preparing them to be removed. Phase two of the treatment pulls the encapsulated impurities from the skin by attracting them with a positive charge.

Galvanic treatments benefit younger skin as well by promoting cellular health,

helping it to stave off free-radical damage and premature aging.

Time: 20 minutes $25.00

Series of Six $145.00

Bio Microcurrent Anti-Aging Treatment

A hot wellness trend right now in the anti-aging treatments area is the use of a microcurrent facial machine. The Microcurrent facial machines started to be used in medical treatments around the late m1980"s in the U,S and was approved as a muscle stimulator. At the time microcurrent treatment was used to treat patients with Bell's Palsy, a facial paralysis, and strokes. The treatment proved helpful for the cure and lifting of uneven and flaggering facial muscles. During the 1990's microcurrent facial machine are safe, painless, nonsurgical, and noninvasive. It is a cosmetic procedure that creates tone, lifts and firms the sagging facial muscles by bringing them back to their original shape and firmness. It helps with getting rid of  impurity and poisonous matters caused by bad circulation. It helps with purifying blood vessels, calming the skin down, stretching and loosens the nerves and stimulates the strength of nerve endings of human skin. It promotes the generation of more collagen and elastic fiber. it reinforces the activity of muscles, promotes organic functions and advance metabolisim.  It also activates and stimulates blood circulation

and slows down the aging rate of human skin.

Time: 30 minutes $75.00

Series of Six $425.00


LED Light Therapy is based on important research by NASA

showing that certain frequencies of light significantly increase new tissue growth,

stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This breakthrough technology does not use heat or any kind of “invasive” process, but triggers the body to convert light energy into cell energy without thermal heat. LED light

therapy is non-invasive, causes no inflammation, and requires

no special post-treatment procedures. It is proving to be an effective treatment

for aging skin as well as particular conditions such as Rosacea and other skin conditions.

  • Will LED light therapy work for me? The treatment is a gentle, heat free treatment that is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, colors and conditions. So the treatment will work for you. We offer different lights for different skin conditions, and we can tailor this to each client.

  • Is LED Light therapy Painful? LED light therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment so you will not experience any pain throughout your treatment.

  • When will I see results? The number of treatments you will need can vary with skin type and condition. One session is an ideal ‘pick me up’ for the skin. A course of treatment is recommended for long term results.

  • How long does one treatment take? Each session takes between 20-30 minutes.

Benefits of Red LED Light Therapy include:

Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of age spots and sun damage,

increase in collagen, reduction of overall redness, flushing and

dilated capillaries. Results are often immediate.

The Blue LED  Therapy include:

Light attacks PP-9, producing singlet oxygen. This form of oxygen is very toxic

to the bacteria that cause acne therefore decreasing acne drastically with absolutely no downtime. Blue light skin care therapy is designed to treat acne.

When blue light is administered to treat acne, it actually attacks a substance

called PP-9 which thereby produces singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen is toxic for acne producing bacteria. Blue light therapy kills acne causing bacteria,

immediately producing drastic improvement in the client’s acne.

There is no down time and the results are incredible.

The Green LED Theraphy includes:

Green light therapy typically falls in the wavelength range of 515 nm to 520 nm and is most frequently used for skin treatments and anti-aging therapies, such as an LED photofacial.
The rejuvenating benefits of green light therapy can help to improve pigmentation issues that have come from causes such as sun damage. This treatment can help to fade the appearance of freckles, as well as age spots, sun spots, reddish and brown patches, and liver spots. Other forms of hyper pigmentation and melanin problems that are caused by age can also be lightened through the use of light in these wavelengths.
Green light affects the melanocytes (the cells that produce the melanin, which is the pigmentation in the bottom layer of the epidermis), reducing its production. Over time, spots simply fade away for a younger looking, rejuvenated, and more even complexion.

RED/BLUE/GREEN LED LIGHT        Time: 20-30 minutes

Price $75.00    Series of TEN, $700.00

Aromatherapy Facial Time 60 to 90 minutes

Aromatherapy Facial is a wonderful treatment, incorporating the neck, scalp, upper chest, shoulders and upper back areas, using individually prepared beautiful base and essential oils. This treatment will encourage the skin to rejuvenate; it will rehydrate the skin, improve muscle tone in the face, and above all, is a deeply relaxing treatment. Soothing, clearing and deeply relaxing techniques are used, and various pressure points are also applied, to ease headaches, migraines, stress, insomnia, sinus problems and tension. Recommended for women and men.

Time: 60 minute $75.00   Series of Six, $300.00

Time: 90 minute $95.00   Series of Six, $550.00

Hydrating and Illuminating Facial Time 60 to 90 minutes

Nourish dry, dehydrated skin that has become dull, patchy and flakey. Hydrating facial treatments immediately nourish and hydrate the skin to relieve tightness and fine lines. Gentle exfoliation removes dry skin cells, and allows the rich face treatment oils and long-lasting, replenishing products to deliver hydration deep into the skin. Soft, supple skin is revealed and dehydration kept at bay. Recommended for women and men.

Time: 60 minute $75.00   Series of Six, $360.00

Time: 90 minutes $110.00   Series of Six, $650.00

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Time 60 to 90 minutes

Fresh, vibrant skin is essential to a healthy appearance. Our deep pore cleansing facial is designed to restore your skin’s natural glow. This facial is ideal for the treatment of skin breakouts, dehydration and fine lines. This deep cleansing procedure should be performed three or four times a year. Recommended for women and men.

Time: 60 minutes $65.00   Series of Six, $375.00

Time: 90 minutes $110.00   Series of Six, $650.00

Acne Recovery Facial   Time 60 to 90 minutes

Acne facials or deep cleansing facials are recommended for clients prone to oily or problem skin or for those with uneven complexions. Both men and women can take advantage of the benefits of acne/deep-cleansing facials, which generally incorporate a combination of thorough steaming, deep cleansing, facial extractions to remove pore-clogging sebum, and a variation of a healing mask and moisturizer. Salicylic and glycolic acids aimed at managing and thwarting acne flare-ups are often utilized. Recommended for women and men

Time: 60 minutes $65.00    Series of Six, $300.00

Time: 90 minutes $95.00    Series of Six, $550.00

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial Time 60 to 90 minutes

Microdermabrasion is a procedure in which the dead outermost layer of skin is removed by the gentle abrasion of the skin surface with oxide crystals. Microdermabrasion is used to treat sun-damaged skin, acne scars, brown spots and fine lines. A series of treatments is recommended for best results. Recommended for women and men.

Time: 60 minutes $75.00   Series of Six, $435.00

Time: 90 minutes $120.00   Series of Six, $700.00


Full Body Spa Treatments

Leave Feeling like a Polished Stone

Enjoy a luxury spa body wrap or one of our body wrap treatments for skin that radiates with health and is soft to the touch. Carefully balanced to both deeply cleanse and replenish, our body wrap treatments lift the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin. 

Refresh Mint Body Wrap

A therapeutic body wrap is enriched with essential oils and mint to

restore energy and vitality. Relax and feel the body energize.

Time 90 minutes  $145.00   Series of Six, $850.00

Rose Herbal Body  Wrap

A therapeutic body wrap that is soothing enriched with roses. The essence of the Rose flower is captured in an intensely hydrating aroma therapeutic body treatment. 

Leaves skin radiant and spirits bright and uplifted.

Time 60 minutes  $85.00  Series of Six, $500.00

Aromatherapy Wrap

A therapeutic body wrap to replenish and restore the body’s natural balance and vitality.

Relax in a warm essential oils of your choice.

A gentle exfoliation is followed by a restorative body mask of pure

honey creams that replenish silky smoothness back into the skin.

Time 60 minutes  $85.00  Series of Six, $500.00

Chocolate Body Wrap

Chocolate body wrap polishes skin and smooths wrinkles while absorbing bacteria and toxins. A targeted massage enriches the skin and body leaving it feeling silky and seals in moisture. Everyone Loves a little Chocolate!

Time 80 minutes  $125.00 Series of Six, $725.00

ADD On Services

Headache Relief Time 15-45 minutes
Diamond Spa massage therapists, have the knowledge and training, to help you get relief from head pressure and pain, by using a combination of hot/cold stone therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure pressure point massage and their own specialized techniques. Let us get that headache under control and help you get some needed relief.
Price: $35.00

Sinus Remedy Time 20 minutes
Pressure from packed sinus cavities can cause facial and head pain, as well as lingering sinus infections. Relieve sinus pressure through a hot towel application, hot stone face massage and sinus acupressure point massage, to comfort and soothe facial pain,

so you can hopefully breathe easier.
Price: $25.00

Soothing Hot Oil Scalp Massage Time 20 minutes
Tension and tightness in your scalp can cause headaches, neck pain, eye strain, even hair loss. Relax, not only your scalp - but your entire body, while we use our signature Head and Scalp Aromatherapy oil blends, head massage and brush hair scalp treatment, to calm your spirit while soothing and invigorating your scalp.
Price: $25.00

Hand Indulgence Time 20 minutes

Slip your hands into warm herbal mitts, filled with a rich blend of natural aromatic oils including vitamin E and Shea Butter, to moisturize dry skin and sooth tired muscles.
Price:  $20.00

Tranquility Face Massage and Pressure Points Time 30 minutes
Facial tension and headaches occur when you strain the muscles of your head and neck, often without even realizing, you are doing it. Our face contains a huge number of nerve receptors, which results in face massage having a profound effect, through the entire body. This incredibly relaxing facial massage, can change your mood, enhance deep relaxation

and control pain, even leave you looking and feeling years younger.
Price: $35.00





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