Nails & Pedicures

Basic Mani              $25.00

Gent's Manicure    $35.00

Acrylic Full Set      $45.00

Acrylic Fills w Shellac $65.00

Fills                          $25.00

Sculpts                     $65.00

3D Design                $80.00
Glitter New Set       $55.00
Glitter Refill           $40.00
Shellac Manicure   $45.00

Gel Manicure         $45.00

Gel Extensions        $60.00

Shellac Pedicure     $65.00

French Design (additional )      $15.00

Nail Art Hands or Feet             $20.00

Polish Change                           $15.00

Gel Color Change                     $23.00
Shellac Removal                       $10.00
Nail Repair   Per Finger           $5.00

Nail Wrap                                  $20.00         

Parafin Hands or Feet              $15.00

Callus Treatment Hands or Feet $20.00


Classic Pearl Spa Pedicure

We start off with relaxing soak and generous scrub, utilizing Reflexology approach, for your feet. Using our specialty products, extensive scrub is designed to increase circulation and polish away dead skin at the same time. Before applying nail polish of your choice, nails are shaped, cuticles and calluses are polished.

Time 60 minutes

Diamond Are Forever Spa Pedicure

Relaxing foot and leg massage, utilizing Reflexology approach, is certainly the crowning touch of this treatment. Feet and lower legs are scrubbed, calluses and cuticles are polished. While receiving this extensive Reflexology treatment, your stress is melted away. Finishing touch is application of nail polish of your choice.

Time 60 minutes

Price: $60.00

Hot Stone Pedicure

Our Hot stone pedicure features the use of heated stones, our specialty products, essential oils and callus smoothing. Stones provide great heat retaining and energizing quality as they become an extension of your therapist hands. The healing energy penetrates your muscles, while therapist utilizes Reflexology approach with Hot Stone massage application. Warm towels are then applied to your feet to stimulate circulation, soften skin and relieve your tired, achy feet.

Time 60 minutes
Price: $

Lavender Mint Foot and Hand Treatment

This treatment starts with a bath of Magnesium Sulfate (EPSOM salt), Tea Tree, Peppermint, Menthol and Wintergreen oils, for your arms, hands, lower legs and feet. Aromatic component of this treatment ensures deep relaxation of your senses using Lavender, while your therapist preforms scrub with our specialized products and massage utilizing Reflexology approach, to relieve tension in your arms and your legs. Nail polish of your choice is applied.

Time: 90 minutes
Price: $

Gentleman’s Pedicure

Designed specifically for men, this custom treatment moisturizes and invigorates, while leaving skin hydrated and looking incredibly groomed and refreshed. Calluses and cuticles are polished, nails cut, shaped and finished in a natural buff. Treatment ends with a leg and foot massage, utilizing Reflexology approach, with our specialized products.

Time: 45 minutes
Price: $

Spartan Pedicure

Taking time for relaxation and grooming, is the signature of Spartan Pedicure. Designed specifically for men, feet and lower legs are scrubbed, using our specialized products using Peppermint Oil. Calluses and cuticles are polished, nails cut, shaped and finished in a natural buff. Extensive Reflexology massage is a sure way to melt your stress away.

Time: 60 minutes
Price: $

Spartan with Hot Stones

Adding Hot Stones to Spartan Pedicure ensures treatment of tired muscles and tension, in lower legs and feet. Dedicate little bit more time to yourself and let our therapist provide Reflexology treatment, with Hot Stone heat directly distributed to your muscles. In addition calluses and cuticles are polished, nails cut, shaped and finished in a natural buff.

Time: 90 minutes.

Price: $85.00

Reflexology Foot Retreat

Relax and Escape

Its the warm foot soak in minerals, the cuticle cleanup, exhilarating exfoliation, hydration theraphy and the massage that lures you into Zen. The 1st recorded record pictograph on the Egyptian tablet of Ankhamor in 2300 BC were found was of reflexology being performed. They have also been found on the feet statues of Buddah and later in China. The Chinese Yellow Classic of Internal Medicine written 1000BC has a specific chapter on "Explaining the Foot" and its origins. It is later believed that Marco Polo translated a Chinese massage book into Italian in the 1300s, introducing reflexology and massage to Europe. In the United States William Fitzgerald MD, who is frequently referred to as the Father of Reflexology,

wrote  a book in 1917 about the importance of Our Feet.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Time: 30 minutes $35.00             Series of Six, $200.00

Time: 45 minutes $55.00             Series of Six, $310.00

Time: 60 minutes $65.00             Series of Six, $380.00